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(A follow up to this article has been written under the moniker Wall Street Protesters go to War)

The Wall Street protesters are still blocking streets, soiling public right of ways, and carrying nonsensical signs like eat the rich.  They have been touted as the anti-Tea Party and given their propensity to trash public areas, get arrested and even damage private property that is a moniker Tea Party folks should see as a compliment.  These people are not the Midwestern mom and pops that populated the Tea Party rallies rather an odd assortment of societal malcontents. About the only thing the the occupy Wall Street folks have in common with the Tea Party is they both started spontaneously.  The Occupy Wall Street protest seems to have started when a bunch of students and left wing activist started twittering among themselves about corporate greed.  It has since quickly grown from a simple anti-greed rally to an outlet for every type of left wing lunacy.   The growth has been helped along with support from unions, left wing activist, socialist organizations as well as many Democratic politicians. Now if you really want to know who these rowdy unkempt (and often un-showered) folks are you may have to do some digging beyond the media hype.  The vast majority seem to be clueless people with a lot of gripes but are unable to articulate what exactly the problems are or how to fix them.  Most believe that somehow others wealth has come at their expense.  Unlike the Tea Party they also see a LACK of government intervention and control being part of the problem.   They are fed up with a system they do not understand but are certain is at the center of all that is wrong with the world.  One thing they are not is a representation of America. Democratic strategist Douglas Schoen’s group recently polled the Wall Street protesters and found some surprising statistics.  Despite many beliefs to the contrary these people are not disgruntled because of they are unemployed, 85% have a job.  What nearly all of them (98%) have in common is a belief that civil disobedience is a legitimate tool for change (which explains the number of arrests).  What is even more disturbing is nearly 1 in 3 support violence to advance their agenda.  They are further bound by their aversion to capitalism and fanatical embrace of wealth distribution.  Despite President Obama’s claim to the contrary these people are not reflective of mainstream America. One  supporter of the Occupy Wall Street crowd commented on how many felt that the present system is corrupting Democracy.  He saw corporate lobbyist with their money manipulating the system and that ordinary citizens were getting shoved aside. To him democracy itself was under attack.  The answer in his mind was to increase regulations on corporations and to strengthen the role of government in society. Of course there is a disconnect between his complaints and his solutions. First of all government regulations are one of the main causes of the problems he and many of he occupy Wall Street crowd seem so concerned about.  For Instance:

  • The number of lobbyist an industry employes is directly connected to the how much Washington is trying to regulate it.  The more regulated the business the more it feels it necessary to gain influence in congress.  This not only goes for businesses but for anyone who’s activities are threatened by congressional do gooders.  The NRA and the Audubon society are opposing groups created for similar purposes, to protect the interest of their members.  It seems like common sense that if excessive regulation breeds lobbying and corruption then even more regulation would only make the matter worse.
  • New regulations are most burdensome to small and start-up businesses.  As a result the greater the amount of regulations the more concentrated business becomes.  One thing you often hear business moguls often say is they would of never of made it if they had to deal with today’s regulatory environment. If you want a more diverse marketplace you also need to have a less regulated one.

Government involvement in society as a way to protect democracy is equally nonsensical.

  • As our lives come under the increasing control of unelected bureaucrats we loose more and more influence over government and control of our own lives.
  • Also when government starts choosing winners and losers the people lose control of their futures.  No longer is it a matter of what you do but who you know.  (this is the reason that communist government is always a corrupt government)

In a ironic twist it is precisely the strategy supported by the Tea Party that is most likely to succeed in advancing the desires of the Occupy Wall Street.  Less regulation and less government will result in a less corrupt and more democratic society.  Despite this fact do not look forward to anyone from the Occupy Wall Street crowd demonstrating for less government anytime soon.   

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