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A famous baseball icon once said it over till the fat lady sings.  When comes to Obama’s chances of getting a second term the fat lady may not be singing but many think they can hear here warming up.  With his disapproval rating on the economy hitting over 60% there is definitely problems for America’s first black president.

There has been many comparisons lately between the current president and some famous predecessors.  Some are wondering if he can pull out a win at the last minute like Harry Truman or if he will be a one termer like Jimmy Carter or even pull out and let someone that might have more of a chance to win run like Lyndon Johnson did.  Comparing him to other presidents may seem logical but maybe the real question is, is he roast beef or sirloin.

Roast beef is a classic meat dish that is best slow cooked till done.  It is a beef dish that is cooked thoroughly and  you can tell it is done by stabbing it with a fork and seeing if the juices come out clear.  A sirloin steak on the other hand is cooked hot and best eaten with a little moo left in it.  When one side of the steak starts to get a little charred you just turn it over start on the other side.

If President Obama is more like roast beef then it is all about waiting for voters to stick the fork in his political life and call it done.  If he is best compared to a sirloin steak then he is just getting a good char on him before getting flipped over for another term.

Right now the betting money has to be on the roast beef comparison.  His political career has been slowly being cooked ever since he got into office.  The economy,Obama care, the economy, his lack of leadership, the economy, his left wing policies and of course the economy have contributed to an ever increasing number of unimpressed voters.  We are not just talking conservatives, which I do not think he was relying on anyway but independents and Democrats also.   It can be seen on the cool reception the tax increases in his latest jobs bill have gotten from Democrats.  Even members of the black caucus have been heard publicly complaining about the presidents policies.   Some like snake head (a  term of affection used by many conservatives for Democratic strategist James Carville) have said it is time to panic and start taking drastic action.

The fact is President Obama is loosing support right, left and center and juices running out from the campaign are starting to look clear.  Disappointment seems to be the word of the day and it is looking more and more like the voters will be having roasted Obama on November 15th 2012.

All is not doom and gloom for the party faithful though.  The president is still liked by most Americans.  This means he still has a chance.  A couple popular successes and a uptick in the economy might be enough to pull this one out.  Add to this the possibility of the Republicans nominating someone the voters do not have confidence in or third party candidate and you have few scenarios where things could turn out in the Presidents favor.

The first scenario is unlikely at this point.  With unemployment looking as if it will soon increase and with the real possibility that we will be in recession for most of the next year it is likely the economy will drag him down.  Add to this his entrenched ideological stance and there is little if any hope of any great changes that will help his reelection.

The same can not be said for the other two scenarios.  The current field of candidates contain a couple of possible primary winners that could be problematic in a general election.  Add to this the often held belief it is better to keep the devil we know then the devil we don’t we are looking at a legitimate chance at reelection for President Obama.  If this scenario was mixed in with an independent candidate with appeal to independents (say a Mayor Bloomberg) and you could see Obama be a shoo in.

Yes it is still possible for the country to be chewing on President Obama sirloin for another four years.  Possible but not likely at this point.  Just as the stars seemed to be lined up behind him in 2008 the seem equally lined up against him for 2012.  There is even whispers of him pulling a President Johnson and leaving the Democratic candidacy for president open to someone more competitive, say a Hillary Clinton.  This is probably unlikely.

So will the voters be serving up roasted Obama or will they be chewing on steak a la Obama.  One has to assume the first; the economy is too bad and his last gasp of legislative cure seems to be a bust.  Americans can be sold snake oil cures for awhile but eventually they wise up and the latest version of Obama’s cure all is not selling.  Wisdom is on the side of saying stick a fork in his presidency and call it done but then again it is still a long way to election day.