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Even if you do not know who Che Guevara is you probably have seen his image on T-shirts and other memorabilia.  He is the darling of leftest the world over.   Patricia Bosworth in her new book on Jane Fonda reveals how Jane apparently swooned over Che Guevara and listed not having sex with him one of her greatest regrets.  A portion of the book was published on the Daily Mail web site.   Of course she is not alone in her admiration of the man, probably not even in her desire to have carnal knowledge of him.  Bob Beckel, the left wing political activist and commentator called him a freedom fighter.

Now if you do not know who Che Guevara is than you are probably wondering what is wrong with that.  Well how about if I told you he was one of Fidel Castro’s Henchmen during the Cuban revolution.  Would you think he was worthy to be called a freedom fighter?  Of course you do not get to be an icon of the left just by helping out good ole Fidel. He got his position and reputation in Fidel’s revolution by showing an unquenchable thirst for counterrevolutionary blood.  His willingness to kill was legendary, he was in every cent a murderous psychopath.  If he had not joined the communist cause he probably have just been hung for being a serial killer but as fate would have it he found a job that allowed him to go on murderous rampages to thunderous applause.

As Castro’s executioner he oversaw the execution of hundreds of men and boys.  No trial necessary, no witnesses called.  Many were members of the former Bastista regime but others were journalist, businessmen, police, teachers, and former comrades in arms that turned on the revolution when they realized what it was or even children of one of these.

Che himself bragged about the arbitrary killing of businessmen, peasants and even his own men.  Brag is a little light, read his words and you can feel the delight he took in the taking of lives.   He was a man that saw no need for elections, jailed people for listening to rock music and killed journalist for daring to print anything he thought not in line with the revolutionary dogma.

You can read about his executioner days here, and more here. In fact it does not take much research to uncover the real Che Guevara.  The real puzzle is how come in nearly every group of death penalty protesters you will find a Che T-shirt?  How come supporters of Democracy Now have his posters on their walls?  How come Hollywood types who scream the need for freedom from censorship celebrate his memory?

The firebrand talk show host Micheal Savage likes to call liberalism a brain disorder. When you hear a former Hollywood starlet say she wishes she could of slept with a man that would of shot anyone trying to distribute her movies, see rock stars whose music he banned sporting his image on stage or a Democrat pundit call a man that fought against democracy and liberty a freedom fighter you have to wonder if he is right.  To call Che Guevara a freedom fighter is like calling Hitler a advocate for equality.  The only difference between the psychopathic killing sprees of say a Hitler or a Stalin and that of Guevara’s is opportunity.  The greatest tragedy of Che Guevara’s life is that it was too long.

Now admiration of Che Guevara is not universal among the left but it is wide spread.  This is especially true among left wing college activist and political organizations.  Go into any major collage book store or at least in surrounding stores and you will find Che memorabilia for sell and who can forget the Che posters hanging on the walls in some of candidate Obama’s campaign call centers.   The adoration of Che should be looked on as repulsively as those that admire Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler. That so many on the left can not see this reflects on the moral bankruptcy of the progressive movement.

Any parent that sees his or her teenager walking into the house sporting a Che T-shirt should take the shirt and rip it to shreds the first chance they get and then promptly make them read about the real Che Guevara.

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